Good Morning NMC Family,

There is again some breaking news relating to the coronavirus issue here in Michigan. Late last night we learned of the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in Traverse City. This is a trigger event we identified that would necessitate the closing of the College, to be consistent with public health protocols and to ensure campus and community health and safety. Following the Governor’s executive orders we have made the decision to close the College, effective at noon, today for a two-week period. This includes Main Campus, as well as all campuses and University Center. Additionally, while we will continue to deliver classes via virtual learning, we are cancelling all face-to-face labs. Faculty will communicate directly with their students on how they will deal with such classes. However, they cannot meet face-to-face. All staff, except ‘essential employees’ will be sent home at noon today. While campus is closed and doors will be locked, limited access will be available with your employee ID card if you need equipment or supplies.

We have now divided all staff into one of two categories: ‘Essential’ and ‘Non-Reporting/ On-Call’. If you are an ‘Essential’ employee, you will be told by noon today. Vice Presidents will communicate with supervisors on identifying essential and non-reporting/on-call employees. Supervisors will communicate the way forward reporting schedule and safety protocols for essential employees. A team will then work to develop further details and will communicate with all other employees (‘Non-Reporting/On-call’) on how you will be considered moving forward. The College reserves the right to change or modify your classification at any time based on changing circumstances and need. Be sure to monitor your NMC email for further information.

No matter how you are categorized, you will be compensated. This includes all part-time and student workers. We will be monitoring the situation and will reassess at the end of March. We are trying our best to not impact those who may be least able to endure that financial burden. Should the period of closing go beyond the end of the semester, the College reserves the right to modify this plan. We will be assessing our supplemental staffing levels and will communicate with those employees directly later this week.

For those who are Essential and Non-reporting/On-Call, further information will be shared as to how your work will continue during the days the College is closed. Look for those details over the next 48 hours and respond accordingly.

Faculty are essential employees and will continue teaching their classes virtually, with no course/lab work permitted on campus. In order to continue serving faculty in their transitioning from face-to-face instruction to virtual teaching and learning, essential employees (e.g., Educational Media Technologies) will still be available. However, we ask that you severely limit your need to be on campus and follow social distancing and other CDC health protocols, if you must visit campus, in order to plan for and deliver your teaching online.

I would like to thank our staff, faculty, and students for the cooperation that has been displayed during the unprecedented situation we are facing with the COVID-19 pandemic. The presence of the first case here in Traverse City has changed our plans yet again. However, we are resilient and will continue to plan for the days ahead with our employees and students in mind.

Stay safe. Together we will overcome.


Nick Nissley, Ed.D. | President | Northwestern Michigan College | 231.995.1010