Amanda Thomashow and Morgan McCaul are the founders of Survivor Strong, based out of Detroit, MI. Amanda and Morgan, both former gymnasts, are survivors of the Larry Nassar abuse and are passionate about ending gender-based violence. They are presenting to three social science classes at NMC on Tuesday, October 22nd from 1-3 p.m. in Scholars Hall 109.

Survivor Strong believes that no survivor of gender-based violence should ever stand alone, and that healing starts by being listened to and believed. LEARNing from Survivors, their latest program, tackles establishing healthy personal practices, identifying and addressing harmful behavior, and options for survivors of sexual and gender-based violence on campuses with an inclusive, trauma-sensitive approach.

“I look forward to sharing LEARNing from Survivors with students and community stakeholders, because it’s the kind of survivor-centric, restorative programming that I believe all students deserve. We’re redefining what advocacy looks like in the real world” says Survivor Strong’s executive director, Amanda Thomashow.

Thomashow will be joined by campus activist, Morgan McCaul, to facilitate the first session of LEARNing from Survivors at Northwestern Michigan College. Thomashow and McCaul are recipients of multiple national awards for their work on behalf of sexual assault survivors, including the Paul H. Chapman Award from the Foundation for the Improvement of Justice and the2018 Humanitarian Award from the Foundation for Global Sports Development, and have contributed to countless national media outlets, including The New York Times, ESPN, CNN and The Huffington Post.