Please join us in welcoming these new additions to our NMC staff, and congratulating current NMC staff on their new positions!



Cory Dean joined NMC as an HVAC and Plumbing Instructor March 14. He can be reached at 995-2776 or



Emma Hawley joined NMC as an Enrollment Assistant in Enrollment Services April 3. She can be reached at 995-1049 or



Troy Kierczynski joined NMC as a Controller in the Business Office April 2. He can be reached at 995-1982 or



Laura Matchett joined NMC as Director of Extended Educational Services April 2. She can be reached at 995-1704 or



Logan Smith joined NMC as an Adjunct Instructor in the Aviation program March 19. He can be reached at 995-1220 or



Connor Voss joined NMC as a Lab Assistant in the Audio Technology program March 12. He can be reached at 995-1325 or