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Winter Weather & the Geological LandscapeNMC Geological Landscape class
Friday, February 16; 6–8 p.m.
Employee price: $27 (Public Price $59)
Explore the effect that winter weather and past ice age climates have had on the northern Michigan landscape. Learn about the weathering and eroding of rocks and how winter weather and glaciers impact these processes. We’ll discuss how winter has and continues to shape the landscape around you.
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Passport to Italy: Extra Virgin Olive OilsNMC olive oil class
Thursday, February 22; 6 – 9p
Employee price: $37 (Public Price $125)
Demystify the differences between types of extra virgin olive oils, and then use that knowledge to create delicious dishes. Recipes will include: fresh basil pesto genovese; fett’unta, the original bruschetta; pasta con broccolini; and torta d’olio e pistacchio (olive oil cake with pistacchio).
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Food & Wine Pairing: The EssentialsNMC Wine pairing 
Wednesday, March 13; 6–7:30 p.m.
Employee price: $42 (Public Price $125)
Whether words like acid, fat, tannins, heat and sweet are familiar or foreign to you, when skillfully combined in food and wine, they can orchestrate a symphony of flavors that delights the senses. Join wine expert Brian Lillie to unravel the fundamentals of this exquisite art.
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