Did you know that your tuition waiver benefits extend beyond credit classes? Take a fitness class, learn a new hobby, or even enjoy a date night with your partner. Check out these upcoming classes! Place the class in your shopping cart in order to see the discount. 


Old TowneAll Over Old Towne Walking Tour
Saturday, Oct. 7; 9–11 a.m.
Employee price: $19 (public price: $49)
There are wonderful tales to be told in Old Towne – what was known for 100 years simply as “the South Side.” Local author Marty MacLeod takes you back in time to rediscover this lively neighborhood, from grain and lumber mills to the iconic Wilhelm’s and Brady’s to the Pere Marquette train station and roundhouse.
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EES wine appreciation classWine Appreciation 101: The Art of Wine Tasting
Wednesday, Oct. 11; 7–9 p.m.
Employee price: $32 (public price: $99)

Do you wish you knew more about wine and wine tasting? Through this course, you will master the art of wine tasting, learning the ins and outs of correctly discerning the flavors and aromas that make each wine unique. Armed with this newfound skill, you will approach wine with a renewed sense of confidence and a fresh perspective.
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EES pickling and fermenting masterclassPickling & Fermenting Masterclass
Fri Nov. 10; 6–9 p.m. & Sat, Nov. 11; 9 a.m to 2 p.m.
Employee price: $99 (public price: $349)
Perfect for avid home cooks, farmer’s market enthusiasts, CSA patrons, and novice chefs, this class dives into methods to preserve our local produce through pickling and fermentation. Chef Jim Morse leads an in-depth, hands-on class that traces the history of pickling and fermentation for both preservation and nutritional benefits. Students will prepare vinegar-brined pickles, naturally-fermented pickles, kimchi, kraut, and kombucha. Chef Morse will also open his pantry of pickles and ferments for students to sample.
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