The Traverse City Parking Patrol will start issuing citations for parking violations on Monday, September 11. All NMC students and employees must have their 2023-2024 permits displayed.

If you haven’t received your permit, they can be picked up at the following locations:

The Traverse City Police Department has provided the following information on how to avoid parking tickets on campus by properly displaying your parking permit:

    • Place your permit in the bottom left-hand corner of your windshield.
    • Place your permit right side up. An upside-down permit will be considered invalid.
    • Hang tags must be on the rear view mirror. 
    • Be sure that the expiration date on your permit can be seen from the outside of your vehicle. (Some vehicles have a tint on the edges of their windshield, so be sure your permit is not behind a tint, as it will make it difficult to see from the outside.) When it doubt, get out of your vehicle and be sure you can see the entire permit from the outside.

If you do get a ticket, payment can be made at the red drop-off payment box at the east end of the Cedar lot in front of the Health & Science Building on main campus. You can also mail the fine in to the city, or pay at the parking services office in the public parking garage at 303 E. State St. Payment information is also on each ticket.

If you have any questions about parking enforcement on campus, please call Campus Safety & Security at (231) 995-1111.