Automated External Defibrillators can be found in the following locations:

Main Campus Serial Number
Dennos Museum (in closet near Wm RR) 40127371
Scholars Hall (Outside of Social Science Office) 32119237
Osterlin Library-Near Center for Learning 37267173
Tanis (Outside of Cashier’s Office) 35521640
Health Services Office 37267172
Beiderman (near elevator) 40127368
Health/Science (Welcome Center) 32119234
Founders Hall (next to FH106) 40127365
West Hall (across from restroom) 40127372
East Hall (Lobby) 32119238
Fine Arts (near men’s restroom) 40127366
Beckett (in front of JB149) 40127363
Oleson Center (main lobby) 40127364
Phys Ed Building (Outside of the gym) 32119239
Facilities (Lobby) 32119233
Campus Safety Truck (48) 32119236
Campus Safety Truck (33) 40127369
Great Lakes Campus  
In main lobby behind the front desk 32119232
University Center  
In lobby by front desk 32119241
Aero Park Campus  
Parsons-Stulen (In lobby by restrooms) 32119240
Aero Park Labs (near lobby doors) 40127370
Auto Tech (near room 103) 40127367
Aviation (near lobby) 40127362

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