Congrats to NMC’s Staff Excellence and Team Excellence Award winners!

Congratulations to NMC’s Staff Excellence Award winner, Jan Root, Office Manager-Communications Academic Area

Jan is dedicated to helping both students and instructors daily, managing a near-constant flow of other people’s needs. With her Academic Chair on sabbatical, Jan has provided additional consistency and support for the interim chair and the new manager who transitioning of the Reading Writing Center. She is also behind the scenes, helping to streamline processes, scheduling and paperwork for one of the largest academic departments. She is efficient, trustworthy and a pleasure to work with.

Congratulations to NMC’s Team Excellence Award winners, Open Educational Resources (OER) Team

Tina Ulrich, Director of Library Services

Ryan Bernstein, Instructional Designer

Mark DeLonge, Instructional Technology Specialist

Kristen Salathiel, Communications Instructor / Director of the Center for Instructional Excellence

Sarah Wangler, Communications Instructor

Joelle Hannert, Library Technical Services Coordinator

Nicco Pandolfi, Librarian


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