Passport to Madagascar!

Thursday, February 21, 2019
12:15-1 p.m.
Founders Hall, room 110

The Passport Student Talk Series is a chance to explore other cultures through the experiences of NMC students.

Join Ashley Hockin, Peace Corp agriculture volunteer assigned to Madagascar from 2015-2017 and current NMC culinary student.

Ashley will share Malagasy culture, highlights and the impact of her experience as well as a taste of Malagasy food.

Tech Tips: Request Type Updates to Technology Help Desk

Hello Everyone – If you are a user of Technology Help Desk, please read on to understand some of the recent changes and additions to Request Types in the ticketing system.

  1. Computer Hardware (not Banner) and Computer Software (not Banner) have been re-organized so now you will have to choose a sub-type of either:
    1. All Instructor Classroom and Conference Room Computers (formerly under Media Resources)
    2. All Other Computers incl. Labs, Faculty and Staff Offices
  2. Media Resources Support has made changes to their sub-types to be the following:  
    1. Audio Visual Support
    2. Event Set-up (media resources requirements)
    3. Video Recording Support
  3. Banner and Other Administrative Software has a new Request Type for Parchment, which is our new Online Official Transcript Ordering Service.
  4. All Other Administrative Software (including Campus Logic, Document Management, Elevate, My Success, R25 and StarRez) access requests now include an option to either Grant Access or Remove Access.
  5. Banner and Other Administrative Software has a new Security Access offering for adding rights for Campus Logic the new financial aid processor that students use to enter information and upload documents used to verify their eligibility.
  6. Security Access has a new offering for removing Contractors and Partners called Contractor/Partner Computing Access Removal.
  7. Security Access has been re-organized into alphabetical order by sub-type.

If you have any questions or requests regarding the ticketing system, please contact the Technology Help Desk at 995-3020 or visit for more ways to contact us.