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Wellness Updates

Thank you for participating in the READY SET MOVE challenge this year! The challenge was to average 30 minutes per day of exercise time, over a 26 day time frame! That’s an average of 780 minutes. Here are our challenge champions!

David Hosler– finished with the highest number of minutes at 8297, and the winner of $100 VISA Gift Card!

Exceeded the Challenge Minutes!

  • Rorie Kawula
  • Cathy McCall
  • Lisa Eiden
  • Lisa Rollin- $50 Visa Gift Card- Random Draw
  • Sharryl McCready- $50 Visa Gift Card- Random Draw
  • Marcus Bennett
  • Fit 4 Life
  • Lindsy Lipke
  • Trisha Strahan
  • Donna Palmer
  • Cheri Paul- $50 Visa Gift Card- Random Draw
  • Chad Schenkelberger- $50 Visa Gift Card- Random Draw
  • Tricia Stevens
  • Krissy Steinebach


Intramural Flag Football Champions

To the right is a photo of NMC’s 2018 intramural flag football champions, “Tag Team”. The players are Carson Warren, Logan Schweizer, Jack Schweizer, Michael Moody, and Zachary Dennis. The team was undefeated and finished with a perfect 5-0 record.