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Kudos to Justin, Mark and Ryan in Educational Media Technologies- they went over and above to help me-frequently answering my questions by walking over to my office on their lunch or even on the weekend. Of course, when I had a concern, it was often due to a mistake I made, or put me in a state of “emergency.” These three gentlemen helped me not only fix the problem, but to understand it. I appreciate their patience and am grateful for their kind help.

Kudos to the NMC Grounds Team:  A very special Kudos to all on the NMC Grounds team that have responded (sometimes in very short order) to assist us at the Museum with moving heavy crates or installing heavy sculptures on a number of occasions so far this year. We could not do it without your support and we thank you for responding to our requests for help.



Hit Your Stride Step Challenge Results

What an amazing showing by NMC employees for the 2nd Annual step challenge!  Congratulations to every person who took the time to participate!


  • 62 Employees participated over the course of about 5 weeks
  • Team with the highest average of steps is Cold Cuts and Mayo– Scott Herzberg, Jason, Smith and Kevin D’Alessandro- Average for the team is 554,742 steps! Each member will receive a $100 Visa Gift Card!  Congratulations!
  • 54 Employees reached the challenge goal of an average of 5,000 steps per day. They were entered into a random drawing for a $50 Visa Gift Card and the following 4 names were drawn- Kristi Hallett, Cathy McCall, Shannon Friedgen & Laura Schmidt
  • Top 5 Teams:
    • Cold Cuts and Mayo (Scott Herzberg, Jason Smith & Kevin D’Alessandro)- Average 554,742
    • Low Motivation 1 forward 2 back equals 3 (Trisha Strahan, Dave Weaver & Chad Schenkelberger)- Average 486,945
    • The Walkers (Rochelle Hammontree & Alison Thornton)- Average 370,894
    • Running Mammas (Heather Hess, Kristy Jackson & Nancy Gray)- Average 363,564
    • An Object in Motion (Meg Young & Caroline Schaefer-Hills)- Average 342,245
  • Top 5 Individuals:
    • Scott Herzberg- 769,044
    • Jason Smith- 696,310
    • Trisha Strahan- 647,703
    • Deb Pharo- 469,788
    • Amy Trouslot- 458,318

Blue Cross Members- Deadline for completing your online Health Assessment!

Are you currently one of the few eligible employees who haven’t taken advantage of the online Health Assessment?

This easy, 10-minute lifestyle survey is accessible through your Blue Cross® Health & Wellness website, powered by WebMD®. Once you’ve completed your assessment you’re one step away from a $50 gift card. Just log in to bcbsm.com or the Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Michigan mobile app and click Health & Wellness to get started.

NMC teammates that elected our Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan insurance and complete the online Health Assessment and submit the Physician Health Screening form before May 31, 2018 will receive a $50 gift card.

Don’t wait too long! Time is running out to complete these two steps.

Call the Blue Cross Engagement Center at 1-800-775-2583 if you need help with your Health Assessment or to check on you Physician Health Screening form. You can always contact our Wellness Coordinator, Chris Barr, at cbarr@nmc.edu should you have a question.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to be rewarded for being healthy!