Smart Commute Challenge

June 4-8, 2018

Smart Commute Week is an annual celebration held during the first week of June. The week consists of events that promote cycling, walking, taking the bus and carpooling. Smart Commute is for everyone. Free daily breakfasts are hosted at various locations around town for smart commuters.

Every year community members challenge each other to a friendly competition known as the Smart Commute Week Challenge. Last year NMC came in 7th and we hope you join the team this year and help us reach the top!

To join, fill out the brief Google Doc form here.

Wellness walks at all 4 NMC Campuses- Don’t miss it!

Join Chris Barr for a brisk walk around your campus- only a 15 minute commitment!

Monday, May 21, 2018:

10 a.m.- Main Front Street Campus– meet in the lawn in front of Founders Hall

12 p.m.-Parsons Stulen– meet in front of the main entrance to the building

1 p.m.- University Center– meet at the front entrance door under the green sign (Business Office, Human Resources, Extended Ed)

2 p.m.-Great Lakes Campus– meet in front of the main entrance to the building

Hit Your Stride Challenge Wrap Up

Although the challenge wraps on Friday, May 11, you have until May 16 to be sure all of your steps are entered and accounted for!  It is recommended to log into you Blue Cross site to be sure the automatic counting is correct. Those using the Google Tracking Sheet should finalize their information by May 16 as well. 

Winners will be announced by the end of the week!

On-Campus Jobs

Student jobs can be found on the Student MyNMC page under  “Jobs On Campus.” Apply now for Fall 2018.

  • Writing Center Reader
  • Writing Resource Center Reader
  • Tutor
  • White Pine Press Writer (Independent Contractor)
  • White Pine Press Advertising Salesperson (Independent Contractor)
  • White Pine Press Staff Photographer (Independent Contractor)
  • White Pine Press – Staff Designer
  • Reader Scribe
  • Astronomy Lab Assistant
  • Campus Security
  • Elementary Reading Tutor
  • Fitness Center Staff
  • Grounds
  • Environmental Science Lab Assistant
  • Library Assistant
  • Science and Math Office Assistant
  • Physics Lab Assistant
  • Chemistry Lab Assistant
  • Environmental Science Lab Assistant
  • Student Life Office Assistant
  • Conference Crew (Summer Job)
  • Switchboard Operator
  • Writing and Reading Center Reader