Fall Rental Books Due

Books rented from the NMC Bookstore are due on Friday, December 15, 2017. Can’t remember which books you rented? Email the bookstore at bookstore@nmc.edu and include your student ID, and we’ll get you a list.

Door Lock Update

NMC Facilities and Security would like to thank you for your help during the transition into the new exterior door lock system on our campuses. Here are a few updates on that process:

  • If you notice any problems with the exterior doors, please call security immediately at (231) 995-1111.
  • Do not prop open exterior doors.
  • During the next two months, facilities is beginning the process of changing the keyed locks on all exterior doors. Previously issued keys for those doors will no longer work and users must use key cards to enter through exterior doors. Keys to interior doors will not change.

Thank you for your continued help during this transition to make our campuses even safer. If you have any questions, call (231) 995-1111.