Success story: Goal-setting keeps RN alumnus focused on and off the job

Success story: Goal-setting keeps RN alumnus focused on and off the job

NMC nursing alumnus George BullardNurse George Bullard has a ready reply when patients at Munson Medical Center tell him fear of falling makes them reluctant to get out of bed and move around, a standard pre-release recommendation.

“ ‘You’re a piece of cake. You’re not going to fall,’ ” said Bullard, a 2013 graduate of NMC’s nursing program and, most recently, qualifier for 2017 U.S. Strongman national competition.

The muscles and tattoos beneath Bullard’s scrubs initially belie his profession. But he says patients love hearing stories and seeing pictures of his competitive weightlifting life outside the hospital. And their roads to recovery and his own in the gym actually run parallel.

“It’s all about achieving goals,” said Bullard, 30. Patients have the goal of getting better, and he helps them achieve it. In doing so Bullard earned an achievement himself earlier this year, winning the Daisy Award, a national award for nurses who provide extraordinary, compassionate and skilled care.

At Munson Bullard is also a preceptor — teacher — for both nursing students and newly hired nurses. They shadow him to get a better understanding of how the general medical floor works.

“The biggest thing we have to teach them is how to advocate for the patients,” he said.

In the case for which he received the Daisy Award, Bullard argued against a physician’s discharge recommendation, believing the patient wasn’t strong enough yet. The doctor agreed to a walk test. The patient didn’t fall, but did become short of breath and his oxygen level dropped. Subsequent tests revealed two liters of fluid on the man’s lung. Had he been released, Bullard said, he could have drowned.

“It’s one of the biggest roles we have as a nurse,” Bullard said of the advocacy role. “Sometimes, I spend more time with the patient than the family does.”

Bullard’s floor at Munson sees the most patients with the most varied conditions of the entire hospital. He says his NMC education equipped him well for the challenge.

“I had such a variety when I was a student. I was confident when I got there,” said Bullard, a Flint native who was drawn to a nursing career after moving up north to take care of his aging grandmother.

Next year, in addition to training for the national strongman competition, Bullard plans to advance his career by enrolling in Ferris State University’s BSN program at the University Center. He ultimately hopes to become a nurse practitioner.

“I’m a nurse. I love it,” he said.

Road Closure Heads Up

The City of Traverse City will be closing part of East Front Street off Munson Avenue between the main entrance to NMC’s main campus and the Hawk’s Nest for road construction several times during the next few weeks. A detour will be available via Indian Woods Drive, east of the road closure.

The planned closure dates are:

  • Thursday, September 29
  • Friday, September 30
  • Tuesday, October 4
  • Friday, October 14

Please note these dates are subject to change depending on the weather. Sorry for any inconvenience.

See a map of the closed portion of the street here »

Health Education Tuition Subsidy Presentation

  • GVSU logo cutoutMonday, October 3, 2016, Noon to 1 p.m.
  • Grand Valley State University — Traverse City Campus
  • NMC University Center Building Room 09

Learn how you can pursue a degree in primary care and how to make money to pay for your degree. The presentation will focus on how students can get money for loans by putting their skills and abilities to work in communities in need. Topics to be discussed will include the National Health Service Corps and the Michigan State Loan Repayment program.

Register online at

Space is limited. Register by September 30.

Learn more here »

Passport Student Lecture Series continues October 20 with a focus on Thailand

October 20, 12:15-1 p.m.
Location: Founder’s Hall, room 110

The Passport Student Lecture Series is a chance to explore other cultures through the experiences of NMC international students. Bring your lunch and hear Jettarin (Jay) and Jitpanu (Joe) Issaravanich speak about their home country of Thailand.

If you are a Global Endorsement student, please bring your GE passport so that it can be stamped and earn your GE event points!

Make a Plan with Your Advisees

map plan screenshotThe next phase of MAP (MyAcademicPlan) is here! Faculty advisors will now be able to use Plans, the digital degree planning tool. Accessed from the MAP portal, Plans will allow Faculty advisors to create a semester-by-semester plan with student advisees, helping them see the pathway to degree completion.

If you missed your department area training and the drop-in training, we recommend attending a session on Plans during the October 18 Professional Development day. If you have questions or would like to schedule an additional area training session, please contact Kim Schultz in the Advising Center or Lisa Wilmeth in Records & Registration.

Fall 2016 Transfer Fair is October 11

book-stair-to-graduation-cap-graduate-walk-up-stairs-39854596-1Over 30 university representatives will be on NMC’s campus on Tuesday, October 11 from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. to talk with students, staff and faculty about their programs and the transfer process. The university representatives will be in two locations:

  • Health & Science Building Lobby – Main Level
  • West Hall Lobby – Main Level

This is your opportunity to discuss transfer requirements and get information on degrees available at a variety of schools without having to travel to each u
niversity. Bring your questions and explore your options! A list of colleges attending and a list of questions to ask at a transfer fair is available here.

See you there!
Advising Staff

Hazard a guess as to what to do with that waste?

Let the NMC Green Team point you in the right direction! The last hazardous waste drop-off event of 2016 is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 1.

Read more, courtesy of RecycleSmart, the Resource Recovery program of Grand Traverse County:

Last Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Event for 2016:

Saturday October 1st

Are you a household that has hazardous waste in need of disposal? 

  • Appointments are required and can be made by calling 231-941-5555.
Are you a business, school, church or other organization that has hazardous waste in need of disposal?
  1. Verify that you meet the “Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator” (CESQG) conditions by clicking here.
  2. Advanced registration is required by TELEPHONE only.
    CESQGs are required to register for an appointment via telephone by calling 231-941-5555. Please do NOT use the online appointment system as that is for residential appointments only.
  3. Submit the CESQG form 5 days PRIOR to event.
    The CESQG form is required to be submitted no less than 5 business days prior to the event. This allows the hazardous waste company to be properly prepared to accommodate the type and quantity of material on the day of the event. CESQGs who do not submit forms at least 5 days in advance of the event are at risk of being turned away.

Download the CESQG form here. 


KUDOS- (praise or respect that you get because of something you have done or achieved) defined by

Submit a Kudos here.

Kudos to Stephen Drake-
He went above and beyond in helping me understand concepts in college algebra. I previously had thought there was no way I would ever pass the class (having taken and dropped it TWICE at a different school), but Drake’s patience and knowledge has proven me wrong. He is without a doubt one of the best teachers I have had.

Kudos to Steve Dixon- Steve works many hours in the Fitness Center as he continues his undergraduate work. He is fully self-supporting and exhibits an extremely positive attitude and approach to everyone he encounters in the Fitness Center and all of the tasks required of him.
I began using the Fitness Center just over a year ago, a first for me (and I am now in my mid-60’s). Steve’s presence is always welcoming and encouraging, no matter what age or level of fitness exhibited. Using him as personal trainer this past summer assisted me in becoming more dedicated to my own goal of strengthening and enhancing my fitness as I move into my aging years.
Never judgmental, ALWAYS positive & encouraging, no matter how often I showed up or how intensively I worked … has provided me with an environment where I feel that whatever I do is good and beneficial.

Kudos to Tina Ulrich- I am an NMC faculty member and a board member of MI Writers. On 9/17, NW Cinematic Storytellers and MI Writers hosted an all-day Screenwriting Seminar at NMC.
Numerous scholarships were given to students, community members and military veterans.
Tina created a multi-page bibliography of the Osterlin writing/film collection (which was put in registrant packets)and created a specific display table in the library of some of those resources. There was even a large sign welcoming MI Writers! The registrants; which included our students, community members and folks from as far away as Chicago were delighted by Tina’s efforts. One registrant from Ann Arbor told me “How thoughtful and helpful your library staff is! It’s these little touches that are both welcoming and say everything about a place.”

Kudos to Scott Goethals- I interview a lot of people who have been through NMC’s IT program. Every single person raves about what an outstanding instructor Scott Goethals is. His courses are tough, so I think that says a lot. He earns their trust and invests in their growth. These former students say all their instructors were good, but Scott was GREAT. The graduates come out of that program very well prepared for a career in computer network administration and technical support. It takes someone willing to go “above and beyond” to stay current with an IT curriculum. Lastly, his collaboration with our company, both on curriculum and placement of qualified candidates, has been invaluable. Kudos to Scott!

Kudos to all of those involved in planning the College-Wide Picnic on August 19! The event was an outstanding success thanks to the enthusiastic support from the following people and departments:
– Roy Bartle, Robert Scott, & the Sodexo catering staff
– Paul Perry, Linda Glaesmer & the Facilities staff
– Kyle Morrison, Educational Media Technologies

Kudos to Sam Foster, Steve Dix, Dan Wasson, Zeb McCauley, Jeff Send, & others that helped from facilities-  The dental assistant department recently acquired new digital x-ray equipment & everyone that was mentioned helped to facilitate the steps needed prior to installation & helped during the install.

Thank you for all you do!!!

Kudos to NMC Communications instructor, Teresa Scollon, related to the September 16 Record Eagle article: Reinvented program takes shape at TBAISD Career Tech Center. Teresa is co-leader of a writing program Front Street Writers, a course that teaches writing as a craft and leads students through several writing styles. Her students will gain the opportunity to meet and learn from working writers.

Kudos to Laura Schmidt-  Congratulations to Laura Schmidt for her nomination to the OADN (Organization of Associate Degree Nursing)Board of Directors.

Position Vacancies

Are you looking for career opportunities? Find it here! Current openings include:

  • CRM/Financial Aid Assistant
  • Hagerty Center – Server, Bartender, Sous Chef, Cook and Dishwasher

NMC Magazine is looking for adventure submissions

The road less traveled may be fraught with danger, but its journey offers endless possibilities. This semester, NMC Magazine delves into its latest theme: Adventure! Send in your stories, poems, essays, artwork, photographs, or other designs by Monday, October 24.

Bring hard copies to the Communications Office, Scholars Hall 214, Attn: Alissia Lingaur -OR- to the Humanities Office, Fine Arts Building, Attn: Caroline Schaefer-Hills. Email submissions to

Make sure to include the submission form, available here:

Voter Registration at NMC (for National Voter Registration Day)

voting-poster-2016Osterlin Library, the League of Women Voters of the Grand Traverse Area, and the League of Women Voters of Leelanau County are cooperating to offer voter registration and provide voter information on NMC’s campus on National Voter Registration Day, Tuesday September 27th. Volunteers will be in the library from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday the 27th and Wednesday the 28th, as well as at the Parsons-Stulen Building on NMC’s Aero Park Campus on Tuesday from 10 a.m. to Noon.

Volunteers will assist people in completing voter registration forms, and will submit them to the county clerk’s office. They can also help people find out whether they’re registered to vote, where they should vote, and what candidates and issues will be on the ballot.

Check whether you’re registered to vote and view a sample ballot at the Michigan Voter Information Center »


President’s Update for September 20, 2016

Thank you all for everything you do in pursuit of “Keeping Learning at the Center.”

Notable Accomplishments provided by Faculty and Staff

This section recognizes the good work being done and linkages to the Strategic Directions (SD) and Institutional Effectiveness Criteria (IE) are provided where possible.

  • The Michigan Legacy Art Park has awarded the Dennos Museum Center and Executive Director Gene Jenneman with the 2016 Legacy Award in recognition of 25 years of arts inspiration, collaboration, accessibility and leadership in northern Michigan and beyond. The award honors those who make a significant, positive, impact on Michigan’s arts, history, culture or environment.
  • T/S State of Michigan returned from completing back-to-back training cruises on August 9. This evolution lasted 111 days and represented a 100% increase in the use of the vessel from previous years. Additionally, it showed that GLMA can provide requisite sea service for all cadets in order to meet USCG credentialing requirements regardless of availability of commercial internships. During this evolution the following took place:
    • Consumed 80,500 gals of diesel
    • Transited 8,425 miles, all of which were in high traffic pilotage waters
    • Visited 14 ports
    • Provided training for 109 cadets and three GLCI students
    • The GLCI students will graduate with both culinary and U.S. merchant mariner credentials. These students will be in high demand by the U.S. maritime industry for service on either Great Lakes or ocean going vessels. Crowley Maritime, one of the largest maritime companies in the world will visit GLMA/GLCI in October to begin discussions on increasing the number of GLCI students who will graduate with seagoing experience and merchant mariner credentials.
    • The crew and cadets consumed $191,000 worth of food
    • A total of 24 professional mariners took part
  • GLMA proved the ship can be operated safely by moving toward a ballast regime that features minimal changes and utilizes only public drinking water, which may avoid a large future expense and current technological uncertainties associated with ballast treatment systems. GLMA received notable personnel, financial, or in kind support from: American Steamship Company, Interlake Steamship Company, US Army Corps of Engineers Chicago and Sault Ste. Marie, Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center, USCG Sector Sault Ste. Marie, American Maritime Officers, Masters, Mates, and Pilots, GLMA front office, NMC HR, Arnold Transportation Company, City of Houghton, Acheson Ventures LLC, City of Algonac and of course MARAD. (IE1, IE2, IE3, IE4, IE5).
  • The Science/Math area held a 2-day workshop August 10-11 to work together on the new syllabus format, course outlines, writing outcomes, lecture capture, light board lectures, and MAP (My Academic Plan) training. (IE1)
  • Deb Pharo edited an OER textbook to exactly match the content of the MTH 120 course, and Mary Burget was the proofreader for the OER edit. (IE1)
  • To assist students in their academic planning, and promote student retention and completion, the Advising Center has collaborated with Information Technology, the academic department areas, and the Records & Registration office to develop ‘Plans’ – the next phase of My Academic Plan. This electronic resource allows advisors to work with students to develop a semester-by-semester academic plan specific to the student. Templates for both AAS and a select number of ASA degree programs were developed, and are being reviewed by academic areas, to help guide students in creation of their Plans. Training sessions for faculty advisors, conducted by Records & Registration and the Advising Center, have begun and will continue this semester with a goal of having all professional and faculty advisors use Plans with first semester students at NMC. Used in tandem with the degree audit tool, MAP (My Academic Plan), this resource will allow students to create an academic plan showing them the path toward certificate/degree completion and/or transfer. (IE2, IE3, IE5)
  • Led by our Early College partner, Meredith Schmidt from TBA Career Tech Center, Kim Schultz, academic & career advisor, participated in a special course orientation for TBA Career Tech Center Early College students, in cooperation with Victoria Willson, communications instructor. Held at the TBA Career Tech Center, this orientation was aimed at improving student engagement and success in the online ENG107 – Academic Study Methods course. The session included hands on practice logging into students’ MyNMC portal, an overview of the course and using Moodle with the instructor, and information about academic advising and other NMC academic support resources available to students. (IE1, IE2, IE3, IE5)
  • Bookstore customer service improvements—they heard repeated feedback from students saying their experience was easier, quick, and books were less expensive than expected. The bookstore had more rental choices and the students appreciated this, which led to a $20,000 increase in rental sales over last August. Course material requisitions are being submitted once a year, which enables for the students to be informed on future spring classes that would be using books being purchased, prospective buyback options, and better information on rentals. This knowledge provided the ability to purchase more books, which in turn provides more competitive prices. (IE5)
  • Procured $21 million bond for construction projects. Secured Standard and Poors rating service—NMC is AA, very strong financially. (IE5)
  • Playground equipment for the apartments/daycare center has arrived, funded by a BBQ grant, and will be installed over the next few weeks. (IE5)
  • Karen Ruedinger completed a financial analysis of the Commitment Scholarship Program which will help with program sustainability. (IE5)
  • The Hagerty Center successfully created a relationship with the Traverse House for supplemental employment. We currently have one person employed with the hope of adding several more in the future. (IE5)
  • The Hagerty Center increased net profit for FY16 by 17%. (IE5)
  • The NMC Foundation successfully implemented another amazing scholarship golf outing for 2016! Despite extreme temperatures out on the course, more than 250 golfers teed off to support honors, academic area, Presidential, and Founders scholarships for NMC students. The event has raised more than $100,000 per year for each of the past three years thanks to tremendous work by the staff, a dedicated volunteer committee (approx 20 members), and the support of generous sponsors and golfers. Thanks to all who were involved! (IE1, IE2, IE3)
  • Nancy Parshall, faculty member in the Communications Academic Area, has just had a new story published in Issue 6 of Kyso Flash. Read her short story entitled, WHERE THE PIANO STOOD at (IE1)

Activities of Note: Tim

  • Fall semester has begun! The college is busy with students and faculty back in classrooms. Thank you to all faculty and staff for all the work that went into making the beginning of the fall semester as smooth as possible for our students. All of you contribute to the success of our students!
  • We celebrated the Dennos Museum Center Groundbreaking on August 15. There were 17 regional artists who designed shovels used in the ceremony. Most of those artists were present, along with many other special guests, including Diana and Richard Milock, Barb and Dudley Smith, and Lou Anna Simon, President of Michigan State University. The museum expansion is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2017.
  • The college-wide picnic on August 19 was a great opportunity for getting everyone together and meeting new members of NMC. Over 150 people attended and our Sodexo catering staff did a wonderful job with the food. Luckily, the weather cooperated for the most part and we only had a brief rain storm, which brought us all in under the tent to meet new employees.
  • Todd Neibauer, vice president of student services and technologies, and I had the opportunity to meet with the East Hall RAs before the semester officially started. I shared my personal experience of being in charge of the dorms in the 1970s.
  • Nancy and I, along with Kennard and Judy Weaver and many other museum staff and friends, attended the Michigan Legacy Art Park Gala to celebrate the presentation of the 2016 Legacy Award to Gene Jenneman and the Dennos Museum Center. It was a wonderful evening honoring Gene who was hired by NMC in 1988 to supervise the planning, construction and direction of the Dennos Museum, which opened in 1991, with Gene as its founding executive director. Gene is also a founding board member of Michigan Legacy Art Park.
  • The Faculty Professional Development Day was held on August 22 at the Hagerty Center where Peg Weissinger of Georgetown University led NMC faculty through a 1 ½ day workshop entitled “Designing Courses for Significant Learning.” The focus was on enhancing or designing courses—from daily activities to assignments to assessments to outcomes—to encourage deep and sustained learning. The goal was to have new active learning strategies to try, ways to strengthen assignments, and ideas for developing outcomes that include key habits, skills, and concepts students can build on throughout their lives.
  • On August 30 we welcomed several Michigan legislators for a campus tour and reception. Nancy Jenkins, Triston Cole, Phil Potvin, and Larry Inman attended from the Michigan House of Representatives and State Senators Darwin Booher and Wayne Schmidt were also in attendance. The tour portion of the event focused on our current and future construction projects on main campus.
  • We hosted an NMC informational session for the six candidates vying for the two board of trustee positions on the November election ballot. Candidates Chris M. Bott, Carolyn Collins, Christopher Dailey, Michael Estes, Michael B. Haynes, and Rachel Johnson all attended and seemed grateful for the opportunity to learn more about NMC.
  • A huge crowd of approximately 500 celebrated the life of NMC’s Sonja Olshove at the Hagerty Center on Sunday, September 11.
  • The 12th Annual Wayne and Terry Lobdell Scholarship Dinner was held at NMC’s Lobdell’s A Teaching Restaurant last Friday evening. The dinner was a sold-out event that provides scholarships to NMC’s Culinary students.

Legislative Issues

  • On Tuesday, August 30, NMC welcomed several of our state elected officials to campus for the third in a series of legislative roundtable discussions that NMC is hosting this year in an effort to better engage with our state and federal elected officials. Attending were State Senator Wayne Schmidt (R-Traverse City), State Senator Darwin Booher (R-Evart), State Representative Larry Inman (R-Williamsburg), State Representative Triston Cole (Mancelona) and State Representative Nancy Jenkins (R-Clayton). The tour included briefings on the Dennos Museum expansion project, the use of simulation technology in NMC’s nursing program, an update on the West Hall Innovation Center and discussion about investments in new student housing and other facilities. The goal of the event was to provide legislators with an understanding of how NMC’s infrastructure investments are tied to our mission, vision, values and strategic objectives. Based on the feedback that we have received to date, this goal was achieved with legislators expressing their appreciation for the opportunity to see firsthand how these projects meet the needs of our learners. We look forward to continuing to engage with our elected officials through this ongoing series of discussions.
  • We continue to work on several items related to the Great Lakes Maritime Academy, including working with Senator Stabenow’s office and the Northwest Regional Fire Training Center to obtain surplus Marine Administration fire training equipment for use in training GLMA Cadets. We also appreciate the efforts of both Senator Stabenow and Senator Peters who co-sponsored an amendment to the federal Water Resources Development Act that would benefit the marine infrastructure of the Great Lakes Campus.
  • With the state and federal legislature returning from summer recess for a short period before election day, we will continue to monitor legislative issues impacting NMC that may be taken up either before November 8, or in a potential lame duck session.


  • The League of Women Voters is hosting a forum for NMC Board of Trustees candidates on Tuesday, October 18, from 7:00-8:30 p.m. at Milliken Auditorium.

HR Office Hours on Main Campus

A staff member from the Human Resources Office will be available on Main Campus once a week for drop in questions, needs, etc.  Please watch this space for upcoming dates/times.

  • Where: Founders Hall 109
  • When: Friday, September 30th
  • Time: 2:00 – 5:00 pm
  • Who: Hollie Dewalt

Following Schedule for Founders Hall 109



HR Staff

9/30/16- Friday

2:00 – 5:00 pm

Hollie DeWalt

10/4/16- Tuesday

8:00 – 11:00 am

Heather Hess

10/14/16- Friday

2:00 – 5:00 pm

Kelly Westphal

10/28/16- Friday

2:00 – 5:00 pm

Kelly Westphal

11/1/16- Tuesday

8:00 – 11:00 am

Mark Liebling

11/11/16- Friday

2:00 – 5:00 pm

Kelly Westphal

11/15/16- Tuesday

8:00 – 11:00 am

Hollie DeWalt

11/22/16- Tuesday

2:00 – 5:00 pm

Mark Liebling

11/29/16- Tuesday

8:00 – 11:00 am

Heather Hess

12/9/16- Friday

2:00 – 5:00 pm

Kelly Westphal

12/13/16- Tuesday

8:00 – 11:00 am

Hollie DeWalt

12/22/16- Thursday

2:00 – 5:00 pm

Heather Hess

Career Counseling for Students

career counselingThe Advising Center is available to help students who are undecided about their career or major! Career counseling involves helping a student explore their interests, values, abilities, personality to find a best fit career or major area. Refer students to us for assistance with the career decision-making process! 5-1040 or

Building a culture of peace Sept. 21

Panelists including NMC faculty and students will discuss “Building a Culture of Peace” at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 21, in Scholars Hall 109.

The discussion is part of International Day of Peace, commemorated Sept. 21, and is organized in part by the NMC International Student Club and local Veterans for Peace chapter. 

For more information visit